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Webinar - Hardwood Identification with a Hand Lens

Webinar - Hardwood Identification with a Hand Lens


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Have you ever bought a hardwood product and doubted that the species you received was the one you ordered?
Species mixing or substitution is more common than you might think. Maybe your hard maple lumber contained pieces you thought were soft maple. Or maybe you imported “white oak” flooring that contained pieces of red oak.
With a bit of practice, it is possible to accurately identify wood specimens “scientifically” by examining anatomical features on the cross-section with a small magnifying glass called a hand lens.
Hand lens identification is a useful skill for professionals as well as hobbyists, including quality control or procurement professionals, lumber traders, woodworkers, antique collectors, customs officers, and many others.
This webinar will teach you how to identify wood in a scientific way.
Hosted by: Frank Owens, Mississippi State University.
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