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Progressive Lumber Inspection Training Program - Block 1 (Purdue University)

October 28 — November 9, 2019
Purdue University
1007 N 725 W.
West Lafayette, IN 47906 
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Now to become a lumber inspector, you don’t need to go to Memphis! NHLA comes to you and offers you its Progressive Lumber Inspector Training Program. This Program consists of 3 Blocks.
Block 1 at Purdue University from Oct. 28th to Nov.9th, 2019.
Block 2 – online. All you need is just a computer with an access to the Internet. You can spend up to 1 year studying online from home or work.

Block 3 is the only one that is held in Memphis, but it takes only 3 weeks to graduation.

Compare with a regular 12-week class that you have to spend fully in Memphis!

Block 2 available on successful completion of Block 1.
Block 3 - available upon successful completion of Blocks 1 & 2 and will be scheduled after completing each block. All 3 blocks of lessons for a total of 384 contact hours. Contact hours are completed through a combination of lecture and lab time.
  Standard class hours are Mon. through Sat. from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students who successfully complete all 3 required blocks will receive a certificate of completion.
Barry Kibbey, NHLA Inspector & Kev...

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